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Can you make a better short film
than one of a


Seriously, have you ever settled down into an evening of watching your favorite movie and thought to yourself, “I could do that”?

Or watched a viral video or webseries on the Internet that inspired you to want to make one yourself?

Years ago, television was a gatekeeper’s paradise. You had to get your script in front of the right person who then had to approve it. The script pilot would be shot and then that pilot was judged by network executives who had to approve the show. Advertisers had to buy ad time during the show. The right audience had to find and support the show, and this had to be reflected in the Neilsen ratings.

And if the audience didn’t find the show in time, the possibility of being cancelled was a likely risk.

Today’s actors, writers, directors and even producers have a tremendous advantage.

By producing your own material and videos, there is the potential to go a lot bigger a lot faster than by simply using traditional methods.

I’m not saying NOT to do those things, but this book puts YOU (the artist/creative) in control. This is where the power should be.

Sometimes the future of the entertainment industry has been difficult to predict. Staying ahead of the curve can be quite advantageous for ones career.

All the shows I want to watch are on the Internet. I simply download them as I please, on my schedule, with minimal or no commercials.

I have my favorite places to get top professional content, such as hulu.com or the network sites. Then there are my favorite places to get more indie content, such as funnyordie.com, youtube.com, theonion.com or imdb.com.

Even Yahoo is producing content and has several channels now.

Notice I said “channel” because many website URLs are synonymous with the channels on television.

And you, too, can have your own channel. The cost? Free, if you use YouTube for your “show”. A little more if you have your own domain and hosting.

This book was created to help artists or anyone else, produce their own content.

It was inspired by my experience as an actor. I wanted to act all of the time but had no venue. If I had known what I do now, I would have created my venue daily with a video camera.

If you have ever had an idea for a show or have a desire to put yourself in front of an audience, this is the site for you.

You can make great content or even not so great content. The key is that people want to watch it and in this modern age you have the power to reach those people.

For example, a cat running on a treadmill gets thousands of hits per day… It’s definitely not Shakespeare or high art, but millions of Internet surfers are hooked.

So, if you think you can do better than a cat running on a treadmill, you can use this site and my book Produce U: 10 Easy Steps to Your Short Film and enter the world of filmmaking and video web content creation.