Leslie Lello is a award-winning Producer/Director based in the New York area. 

  She has been bi-coastal and working in various capacities in the film, media and the entertainment industry for over 15 years. 

        She started her career as an actress, but quickly found herself behind the camera as a Chandra Wilson’s (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy) personal assistant. 

        Since then, Leslie has directed and produced a number of movies, several of which have appeared at film festivals across the country.   

She also has deep experience in post-production as a video editor and with visual effects and animation.

        Most recently, she has been freelancing as a  photojournalist and videographer, and produced and directed the documentary “New Jersey 350” which has screened at several festivals and won several awards. 

She also helps businesses and organizations use media to market their services online.

Check out FirewalkProductions.com for more about digital media and marketing services.

And to learn a bit more about Leslie’s entertainment endeavors,  you can go to LeslieLello.com.

How to Produce Movies started when Leslie started to produce and direct.

She wanted to remember and share her craft service list (the food she fed her crew) so she wrote it up and posted it on her blog.

Then she wanted to remember the format of the email she sent her crew and cast the day before principle photography, because she thought it was really informative and covered all of the bases in terms of giving and getting information and confirmations.

She also shared that material on her blog and continued to use that email herself in the exact format as her earlier productions.

Eventually, piece by piece, she recorded her producing methodology until it became a step-by-step process that she followed and helped others to follow.

But it wasn’t anything formal for many years. It was just Leslie’s way of making she she did everything necessary for every project she worked on.

Then, one day, some of her actor friends asked her to coach them through producing their first movie, so that they could showcase their acting talents and comedic writing ability.

They used her method and it ended up becoming a great success and a boon to their acting careers.

Later, another actor friend was also interested in showcasing his talent asked Leslie for her help.

She handed him a book she was writing (currently rewriting and coming soon) at the time about her movie producing method.

He followed her method and he also had great success.

Leslie then decided she could help even more people follow their dreams of making a movie and decided to everything she had learned onto video.

Leslie has taught thousands of people to produce their first movie with her 10-step producing method, How To Produce Movies: 10 Simple Steps to Your First Short Movie.

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