Make A Movie in 30 Days

How to Make A Short Film in 30 Days

Anyone can make a movie with modern technology, but most people get stuck in the process because it can be very complicated and overwhelming.

There is a lot of work that goes into to creating a high-quality short movie, and lack of knowledge about the process can make that work insurmountable.

This course aims to overcome that challenge by providing mentorship and a clear 10-Step process to get you from the beginning (desire) to the end (finished movie) of the filmmaking process.

Produce Your First Movie With Ease Using Fun Yet Methodical Step-by-Step Process

  • Before Pre-Production-Getting Mentally Ready and Finding Your Script
  • Pulling in All Elements During Your Pre-Production Process (Including things that lots of first-time producers overlook)
  • Being On-Set, Making the Movie, Post-Production Video Editing, and Marketing

Self-Empowerment in the Entertainment Industry Starts with Making Your Own Movies

This course puts YOU in control of what type of productions you give your time and energy. This course is geared toward anyone who has ever wanted to make a movie and is especially important to those that want to work in the entertainment industry and need a reel to do so (ESPECIALLY ACTORS).

Writers, Director, Cinematographers, and Actors all need to show their abilities through a reel in order to get jobs, but often they need to get jobs before they can create a reel.


This course will not only teach you to produce movies, it will give you the opportunity to pick the material that will be perfect for your reel, open you to the world of film festivals (fun, supportive and great for networking), give you a prestigious PRODUCER title, get IMDB credit and make you better at your current craft by understanding a producer's point of view, typically the person that does the hiring on productions.

How long have you been waiting for your movie career to happen? Now is the time to make it happen!

All future updates to this course are free - you are "locked-in" at the current price - you will never pay more if you enroll today.

And there's a 30 day absolutely no questions asked full money back guarantee - my personal promise of your happiness and satisfaction! You really cannot lose!


Lesson 1Welcome and Introduction
Lesson 2At The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To...
Lesson 3What You Need For This Course
Lesson 4Who this Course is For and Some Perks of Being a Producer
Lesson 5Tips for Managing Your Movie Budget - Business Idea to Assure You Have Enough
Lesson 6PDF Student Activity: Producer Self-Assessment
Lesson 7How to Have the Most Success With This Course
Lesson 8This Course Is Extensive and Specific But There are A Few Things Left Out...
Lesson 9(STEP 1) MINDSET: Introduction
Lesson 10What does a Movie Producer do?
Lesson 11Reality Check: Intentions & Goals for Your First Movie - Quantity vs. Quality
Lesson 12PDF Student Activity: Quantify Your Goals
Lesson 13Producer Responsibility = EVERYTHING!
Lesson 14The SECRET to Leadership and Making Decisions for greatest filmmaking success
Lesson 15How To Get Better At Everything
Lesson 16Two Magic Words: You Have Unlimited Supply 2 Million Dollar Words so Give Freely
Lesson 17(STEP 1) MINDSET: To-Dos / Action Steps for Optimum Mindset for Making a Movie
Module 2PICKING A DATE For Your Movie
Lesson 1(STEP 2) PICK A DATE: How to Strategically Pick the Best Days to Shoot Your Movie
Lesson 2SCREENCAST: Google Calendar: Instructions for Adding Calendar Category
Lesson 3(STEP 2) PICK A DATE: To-Dos / Action Steps: SCHEDULING for Your Movie Project
Module 3YOUR MOVIE SCRIPT Is Your Road Map To Your Entire Movie
Lesson 1Introduction to Selecting a Script for Your Movie (STEP 3)
Lesson 2Update on Screenwriting Resources
Lesson 3What does it take to make a script AWESOME but also INEXPENSIVE?
Lesson 4Script Story Ideas and Unconventional Movie Story Sources
Lesson 5PDF Student Activity: Brainstorming Story Ideas
Lesson 6Who Will Write the Script?
Lesson 7Optioning/Buying Your Movie Script for $1.00! Make sure that it is YOURS!
Lesson 8Formatting A Script: Show You Care About Looking Professional With Proper Script Format
Lesson 9SCREENCAST: Celtx: Instructions for Formatting Script in Celtx
Lesson 10Rewriting a Script and Getting Feedback On Your Script or Someone Else’s Writing
Lesson 11Pre-Production Time Frame: Going From Script Idea to Locked Final Draft Script
Lesson 12(STEP 3) YOUR MOVIE SCRIPT: To Dos / Action Steps
Lesson 1Introduction to Casting a Movie (STEP 4)
Lesson 2Setting Up the Casting Session
Lesson 3How Much Time Do I Have To Devote To Casting?
Lesson 4When/Where Will The Casting Session Take Place?
Lesson 5Production Details: When Are The Shoot Dates And Other Rehearsals / Required Events
Lesson 6What Is the Compensation For The Actors For Providing Their Services?
Lesson 7Character Descriptions: Which Roles Am I Casting And Do I Have It Written?
Lesson 8Finding Actors - The BEST Place To Find Actors For Casting Sessions!
Lesson 9PDF STUDENT ACTIVITY: Getting Clear on Your Casting Information
Lesson 10SCREENCAST: Now Casting: Casting Website Example Instructions
Lesson 11PDF: What To Bring To Your Casting Session
Lesson 12The Casting Session
Lesson 13Should I Cast My Friends?
Lesson 14Decision Time: After The Casting Session
Lesson 15(STEP 4) CASTING MOVIE: Action Steps / To Dos
Module 5FINDING A LOCATION: to Shoot Your Movie
Lesson 1Introduction to Finding Locations (Step 5)
Lesson 2Cost of Locations - Creative Solutions
Lesson 3Characteristics of a good Location To Shoot Your Movie
Lesson 4The SECRET to Going Rogue - An Indie Producer’s Dilemma
Lesson 5Location Lockdown - The Key to Making Sure That Location Is Yours!
Lesson 6Building a Set
Lesson 7Scout Locations With Your Crew
Lesson 8Other Film Location Issues
Lesson 9(STEP 5) FINDING A LOCATION: Action Steps / To Dos
Lesson 1Introduction: What You Need to Know About Finding Your Crew (Step 6)
Lesson 2Where to Find Your Crew
Lesson 3How To Get A Great Crew
Lesson 4The Movie Director
Lesson 5Director of Photography (AKA Cinematographer or "D.P.") and Camera Department
Lesson 6Sound Department
Lesson 7Assistant Director (AKA "A.D.")
Lesson 8Makeup and Hair Department
Lesson 9Script Supervisor and Continuity
Lesson 10Production Designer and Art Department
Lesson 11Production Assistant (AKA "P.A.")
Lesson 12Film Editor / Video Editor
Lesson 13Concluding Thoughts Regarding Your Film Crew
Lesson 1Introduction to Finding Equipment for Your Movie
Lesson 2Movie Equipment Quality vs. Movie Equipment Cost vs. Movie Equipment Ease of Use
Lesson 3Getting Advice About Movie Equipment
Lesson 4Camera & Accessories: Important Details
Lesson 5Sound & Audio Equipment: Important Details
Lesson 6Synch Sound: Single System vs. Double System Audio and Video Recording
Lesson 7Buy, Rent, Borrow or Build Equipment
Lesson 8Concluding Thoughts for Locking In Equipment
Lesson 9(STEP 7) EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR MOVIE: Action Steps / To Dos
Lesson 1Introduction to Your Last Week of Pre-Production (Step 8)
Lesson 2PDF Student Activity: What Do You Still Need?
Lesson 3Numbering Your Script by Scenes and Shots
Lesson 4Storyboards and Shotlist (from Director)
Lesson 5Get the Shotmap (from Director)
Lesson 6Shot Order / Shot Schedule
Lesson 7Call Sheets and Logistics Emails Will Make Sure Your Crew and Cast is On Set
Lesson 8Producer's Production Meeting Homework
Lesson 9The Full Production Meeting: What to Do and How to Conduct a Great Production Meeting
Lesson 10Acting and Blocking Rehearsal (And Other Details Related To The Actors)
Lesson 11A Great CRAFT SERVICE Table Is An Excellent Way To Build Good Rapport!
Lesson 12Meal 1: Breakfast
Lesson 13Meal 2: Lunch
Lesson 14Meal 3: Dinner
Lesson 15Food Preferences & Allergies/Safety on Set - The Secret to Great Work Conditions
Lesson 16Two Days Before the Shoot
Lesson 17One Day Before The Shoot
Lesson 18How to Deal with Petty Cash On Set so That it Doesn't Get Lost
Lesson 19To-Do List for the Final Week of Pre-Production
Lesson 20(STEP 8) ONE WEEK BEFORE THE SHOOT - Action Steps / To Dos
Lesson 1"On The Day" - Principal Photography and The Day of Your Shoot
Lesson 2Morning Tasks Before People Arrive
Lesson 3The Flow of a Movie Shoot Day
Lesson 4Lunchtime on A Movie Set
Lesson 5Afternoon
Lesson 6Dinnertime on a Movie Set
Lesson 7Clean-up and Striking the Set
Lesson 8Principal Photography: The Second Day and So on...
Lesson 9Principal Photography: Concluding Thoughts to Get You Through The Process
Lesson 10(STEP 9) PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY Action Steps & To Dos
Module 10POST-PRODUCTION - editing, distribution and promoting your movie
Lesson 1Post-Production Introduction: The Diverse Activities After Your Movie Is Shot
Lesson 2Editing Your Movie: Non-Linear Editing (NLE) Software Suggestions
Lesson 3Editing Elements: The Secret to Movie Editing Is That It More Than Just Editing
Lesson 4Film Festivals: Screening Your Movie At Film Festivals
Lesson 5My (updated) Thoughts On Submitting to Film Festivals Through Without A Box (WAB)
Lesson 6Promoting Your Movie on the Web and Elsewhere - How to Leverage What You Made
Lesson 7DVD Authoring and Distributing The Finished Project to Cast and Crew
Lesson 8Conclusion to Post-Production
Lesson 9(STEP 10) POST-PRODUCTION Action Steps & To Dos
Module 11CONCLUSION: Miscellaneous Topics and Tips
Lesson 1The Conclusion Of This Course - An Overview (Congratulations for making it!)
Lesson 2Juggling Producing & Acting On Set - They Fit Together if You Did Your Homework
Lesson 3Sample Movie Budget Explained - A Review of a $1000 movie costs and oversights
Lesson 4Where To Go From Here?
Lesson 5You Help Yourself and You Help Others: The Altruistic Aspects of Movie Producing
Lesson 6So Now You Want To Be A Producer - Here are Some Ways to Continue on the Path
Lesson 7Staying Focused on an Acting Career - Using Producing as a Tool
Lesson 8Concluding the Conclusion: Check out the Extras and Bonus Materials!
Lesson 1Cost Analysis: Acting/Auditioning vs. Producing a Short Movie
Lesson 2Sample Craft Service Table List (PDF)
Lesson 3Downloadable PDF: Useful Producer Websites and Information
Lesson 4The Logistics Email - VERY IMPORTANT - Confirming the Details with Cast and Crew

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