Film Industry Networking and Networking For Actors

When you are starting out as an actor film industry networking can be challenging, so today I have decided to give a tip about networking for actors that I didn’t figure out until well into my career.

A lot of actors just network and other actors.

It makes sense… if you are an actor you are probably taking classes and sitting in waiting rooms waiting for auditions and perhaps doing extra work. All of these activities give you fantastic opportunities to meet other actors, and this is great and very important, but it is also important to get into the mix with other types of people in the entertainment industry.

Producers and directors are the ones that can get you jobs. Casting directors are logical, too. But don’t forget about people engaged in other crew positions. It may not seem like a gaffer can get you an acting gig, but it is all about knowing people and nothing is ever linear and logical in the entertainment industry. You will find that there are a lot of random opportunities that come to you if you are open to it. And probably that gaffer doesn’t know a lot of actors.

But if your bonds with people grow to include actors and non-actors alike, you will find that many surprising and happy doors may swing open for you.

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