Film School: Just DON’T Do It!

If you start to follow this blog for long-term, you will see that I cannot say enough about NOT going to film school or VFX school or any other for-profit school that makes you sacrifice your first child (or car or house) in order to get a lot of information you can get for a fraction of the cost on the Internet or with getting your hands dirty on-set by participating in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, New York or any other city with a film scene.


If I have made any mistakes in my life, it has been overpaying for accredited education at a college or university.

In fact, I loved this mistake so much, I made it twice and much more expensively the second time.

Most of the time, getting more and more education is a sign within you that you are not secure in your talents and abilities, not that you necessarily need more education.

I know I have struggled with this throughout my career even though I have gotten into these learning environments and either thought “Why am I here? I know all of this and am way beyond my classmates.” or “This school is a complete hot mess in organization and teaching/education strategy,” I have continued on.

Do not make the same mistake I have made.

Or make it online for a lot less money.

Make it with at most a couple thousand dollars. NOT $50,000, which is what “let’s try and fail to teach to visual effects BACKWARDS at Tribeca Flashpoint College” cost me.

Bitter? A little. But it is half self-directed. I am learning to forgive myself for this awful, life-ruining mistake, and part of that process is warning other people, potential film students, to not make the same mistake I made.

I’m saving your life. You’re saving your life if you take my advice.

This is what I learned at film school:


You’ll thank me for this advice in the future.

And if you still want to spend tons of money, make a really expensive movie and hire the best pros you can and pay for your movie with what you would have spent on college tuition.

That will give you a better education and a better resume and better connections than anything you could possibly acquire at film school.

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