Should I move to Los Angeles

“Should I move to L.A.?”

Both filmmaking beginners and pros often ask, “Should I move to L.A.?”

I asked it (and did it and stayed and loved it) when I was just starting out.

There are a lot of perks to moving to Los Angeles if you are in the entertainment industry, but there are also a lot of reasons to hold off until you feel the time is right.

Every time I have moved there it has felt like the universe has scooped me up and placed me there deliberately and with an opportunity that I really could not say no to, and I feel like THAT is the right way to move to L.A.

Additionally, this post is a continuation of my last post about the best city for filmmakers. Here are all of the videos I made in regards to that topic, starting with Los Angeles…

pro video camcorder

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