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Simple Sketch Comedy Shooting Techniques From The Ben Stiller Show

I recently watched a sketch from The Ben Stiller Show to post with a previous podcast and got drawn into watching the whole brilliant single (award winning) season of The Ben Stiller Show. After I got through most of it I realized how many sketches could have been shot today, even under the restrictions of the pandemic, and decided to share that awareness on this podcast episode with the intention of helping fellow filmmakers get creative with how to shoot the movie ideas they are having right now, even if they think they do not have access to the locations they need

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7 Reasons Why You Need A Good Tripod

TRIPOD DRAMA! Today’s podcast discusses the importance of having a good Tripod and the drama that can ensue when your tripod fails at the wrong time, as it did one time when Leslie was shooting footage for a client. Born out of that experience was the strong realization of why some key pieces of film and video equipment (like tripods) should be a top priority for filmmakers and videographers, and she shares 7 of those revelations on this podcast.

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