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Tips for Wrapping up 2020 and Planning 2021

This is the time when there are a lot of coaches helping others to wrap up the previous year and prep mentally for the next year. This podcast is about my own process, and how it has evolved over the years. So if you are new to this practice it may help you as you move into the next year.

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Full Episode Transcript

This is Leslie Lello and I am going to talk today about wrapping up the year and that would be the year 2020, which I’m sure many people are anxious to wrap up.
It has been a bit of a year.
And so I was inspired to make this podcast because I’ve been invited to a number of wrap-up-the-year events.
This is not unusual.
I always do a wrapping up of every year in general, and I’ve done it in many different ways with many different coaches and on my own.
And so I guess I should start by saying if you feel compelled to do it, I encourage it, and my way of doing it we’ ll get into it a bit.
But I will start by just mentioning that the first one [wrap-up course] has already passed.
One of my people that I consider a very good coach has already had her wrapping up of the year event. So I am going to not mention that, except to say that it’s already happening. I feel that it was a bit early, honestly, and I will mention her in a different [podcast] and probably in my next podcast.
I’m probably not going to do one for the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I might, but it’s unlikely. So this is also a wrapping up of this podcast in the year 2020.
So there’s that one. And that was about manifestation. Hers was about manifesting in 2021.
And that’s a good perspective to look at it although I do feel that I’m a good manifestor, so I didn’t feel like that would be an appropriate one for me. I’ve never done her [year-end-wrap-up], so I can’t really recommend it, but I can recommend her as a coach, so that’s that.
What we’ll talk about more [is] who I have worked with and why I chose not to do it [her course] this year, actually.
But I’ve mentioned in the past Suzanne Lyons. I’ve mentioned her a lot on my blog, and she is a coach that I’ve had for over ten years, and she’s a producer, an amazing producer, amazing woman, and she is the reason I produce and direct now and and she really brought that out in me through her course Flash forward many years ago.
And so every year she does an event called Launching the Future.
And I’ve done it before. And it’s amazing. And it is something that, assuming I make a blog post for this podcast which I usually do… I don’t always feel like it’s if the moment has passed… Like making a Thanksgiving one about setting up remotely or that kind of thing… I’ve also done those podcasts.
But this one… I think her [Suzanne’s] event is in January.
And that’s good because that’s really the finish of the year. Your year is done. But you can look back and kind of say this is what happened and this is what is coming forth in 2021.
It’s just always interesting to look back.
What did you achieve? What didn’t you achieve? Why didn’t you achieve it?
Is it something you still want to do now?
So a lot of the courses that I’ve taken [examine this, and] then when you’re standing on that spot, you then look forward and you see what your intentions are and you can see what’s your intention is, you know, ten years, five years and then go back to three years and then go back to one year.
And then when you are at one year goals, you usually can connect the dots, though, between the ten year and say the five year and the one year and all that.
And when you’re in the one year space, then you can start working backwards from there and seeing what you need to get through during the year.
Now, I used to do it where it was one of those things… where it was a life wheel.
Have you ever heard of those? Where are you looking at every area of your life?
And I do believe in being balanced and that’s a very important aspect to life, to having a balanced life. But at the same time, there are years when things pull ahead, and things, you know, get kind of pushed to the side just by virtue of how things are flowing. And in previous years, I would force the things that weren’t flowing and that never felt good either.
So I encourage you to maybe look at the areas of your life and if you look up [life wheel], I’m sure if you looked up life… Real life balance… You’ll find one on the Internet. But it talks about how, you know, finances, career, friends, learning… That kind of stuff… Health, recreation, family, those kinds of aspects.
life focus wheel assessment tool
life focus wheel self-assessment tool
And as you connect the dots on the wheel, it’s very easy to see what is not strong in one area as it is in other areas.
That’s a good way to look at it, because then you can start doing that, but let’s say you are in… There’s ways of always working on all areas of life.
But let’s just say, the main focus is taking care of family. And that’s a very important thing. And that’s already high on your list. Some things might not be as strong because you’re taking that focus.
And maybe that’s really important at the time.
When my dad was sick many years ago, there was nothing more important than making sure he was OK.
I mean, there were other aspects of my life that I did have to focus on. But really, in terms of what my focus was… That was a long time ago so I wasn’t doing this, but had my focus wheel…
Besides, he got sick like in February and he was sick for a year.
Basically that was my focus of the entire year. So who would have known in January that that was going to be my focus for an entire year?
But had you asked me in January, it wouldn’t have.
You asked me in February, and that was definitely just the main focus of my wheel for that year and no regrets about that.
So I don’t like… It feels a little bit contrived to to start breaking it down like this and also sometimes forced. But what I like to do is sort of…
I do like the aspect of breaking a year up into quarters, because I feel like that’s a digestible amount of time, so when I say that, businesses often break their financial year into quarters and that’s how they pay taxes.
And I’ve done some of these workshops where you break down your yearly goals into quarters, [asking] what needs to happen each quarter? So every three months you’re also reviewing and adjusting and seeing what did happen and didn’t happen.
Sometimes that’s also a good way of looking back if you keep notes like that, it’s good to look back and go through it once in a while and be “Like, oh, my God, I totally manifested that. And I didn’t even realize I hit this milestone. And I did. Wow.”
So an important aspect of this is maybe to pick maybe three things you want to bring into into your life, changes you want to make, and then start looking at the energy of what’s going on in the world.
And [also] maybe you have personal spurts of energy throughout the year.
I know, in typical years… August, September, October… I am going to Pennsylvania, I am going up to Ithaca, New York. I’m going to all these different places. And there’s an urgency about other stuff [than career].
That’s a very packed [time of the] year, but it’s a great time. But it’s a great year to focus on the things that relate to all those trips that I’m taking that relate more to the environmental work that I focus on and the permaculture stuff that I do, which is a whole other conversation.
If you don’t know what permaculture is, we won’t get into it. But that is what goes on then. So I have to acknowledge that that takes a big chunk of my time and my life and my focus in a very joyful way. And that is maybe not the best time to schedule in, I don’t know, producing a new project I have or whatever.
That would be not be the right time.
Also, a lot of things kind of start getting quiet at the beginning of December, mid-December in Los Angeles.
This, again, is a very weird year, but that might not be a great time to start saying,”I’m going to see if I can get everyone together for our production.”
People are wrapping up their year. So those are important aspects to remember.
But I really don’t care for the worksheets I’m looking at right now have 12 areas of life, plus a big goal to look at.
And I don’t particularly like that because I feel like eventually when you break it down into quarters and then when you break it down into individual goals for that quarter, the to do list ends up being a mile long.
And there’s daily things you’ve got to do and weekly things you’ve got to do and monthly things you’ve got to do.
And it just starts to feel by week three of execution… It just doesn’t feel good to me.
So what has really become my process is to pick three main things for the year because a lot of those can be broken down into massive, massive projects. And then when you start going and looking at your life on a daily and weekly and monthly way, it’s much easier to look at it and go, OK, this is what happens daily and this is what happens weekly and monthly.
And when you have 12 of them [giant goals] there, it’s insane.
I mean, I guess there are mini goals, like I’ve been learning French for the last four months and that literally takes me 15 minutes a day. That was the goal. I’m going to know French. Maybe it’ll take me five years, but I’m going to know French. And so I guess that would be written in a learning education aspect.
That could almost be put under a category of fun, too. It’s very fun. I like what I’m learning. I like the app I have that I’m learning from. So that is that I think that’s pretty much covers it.
It’s just acknowledging that there might be things that are coming into your life right now and there’s a bit of a frenzy to just go do it and get your [heels dug into it].
But right now, for me, it feels like there’s things I can project in the future that I’m going to do, but not necessarily now, because of the safety aspects of going out a lot during this time beyond what is necessitated. So that’s maybe something worthy to keep in mind.
And so going back to me saying I didn’t do Suzanne’s workshop… It Is because I didn’t want to have that feeling of being so stoked to get this stuff rolling and then saying no to it once it comes.
And that’s what happens.
You know, right now I’m saying no to it because it’s more important to me than any of these goals is that me and my loved ones stay safe and healthy.
I feel like that’s a good note to end on.
I hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. And are full of well-being now and in the future in 2021, and so please be safe, be well, have a happy holiday or I hope you had a happy holiday if your holidays have already passed. And I will talk to you in the new year. So take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Just to clarify that last point…

After I have picked my goals for the year, based on long term goals (3 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc) I then look at what is happening in the world.

An example of this is that I would love to go out and do more production work in person, but I am also looking at how strong the presence of the pandemic is right now at the beginning of 2021 and I have to move things around a bit for the sake of keeping myself an my family safe.

I can still set that as a goal because it is interesting how intention and manifestation often gets things done for us, even if we do not make conscious efforts to make a goal happen beyond setting the goal/intention, but in my own example, I will not take action on that goal until the pandemic has quieted a bit, and I will move other goals to the beginning of the year because they make sense with my own flow and the flow of the world right now.

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